Monde Futur Risque Zéro

by Moutari mahamadou leyma for Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l'Homme


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20 ans fnh,

. I. INTRODUCTION SUMMARY OF INNOVATION 'No translation available'

• World interdependent for the welfare of humanity
• projects gigantic hyper performance & service
• An ideal solution for globalization:
• 'No translation available' 'without borders;
• A global network of communications ... (RMCG);
• An ambition to unite and revolutionize the world on a sound footing;

• Demographic Consequences
• Rapid population growth creates a growing need for communications;
• This creates bottling whose consequences are:
• The widespread pollution of the environment;
• A multitude of accidents;
• The very high mortality rate;
• Bodily injury and property;
• The rising cost of transportation and global communications;
• research is oriented toward the balance of global communications;
• Today's transportation system has become less and less effective, relative to population density;
• At a time when the automobile companies are the problem, their main concern;
• Faced with this situation is intolerable that threatens the life of man,' No translation available' offers a ''comprehensive' solution ...

• New engine technologies ...
• "No translation available" is a set of overlapping routes and suspended
• It is a book that includes several infrastructure developments sustainable ....
• On 1 Level (bottom) is reserved for the passage and used to carry pedestrians, using a suitable
• Outside the cities, it is used by large aircraft or trains ...
• the 2nd level (central part) is reserved for the passage of the highway without sidewalks.
• The outer parts (wings) are provided channels for transport of communication services;
• 3rd level (top) is reserved for power lines ...

• Transportation Computerized ...
• The new air traffic routes requires a new type of means of locomotion called
• (AERO - ROOM) at very high speed (TTGV) single - space, running on a wheel, without pollution,
• A behavior controlled by computers, equipped with bunks, and electro material - household, multimedia,
• Anti-eoi solutions with a photo electric
• data pestle (which stores the diiron stages of displacement and run automatically)

• Development and beneficial Undeniable

• The interest of this communication channel is ideal to make a radical change;
• A way of life for people worldwide;
• Enhances the universal image of man in all respects;
• Extends the life expectancy of world population;
• Minimizes costs and maximizes yields in all fields;


Global Solution

• A new way of life controlled by the computer
• Facilitate the opening up between the different poles of the planet;
• Multitude employment for future generations ...;


• Revolutionizing infrastructure development;
• Improve the living conditions of the world population in space and time;
• Balance the eco-system;
• New technology automates engine ...;

· Fuldifier traffic;
• Safety for pedestrians crossing the said device proper;
• TV system holder to purchase;
• Host a network of communication in various varieties (pipelines);
• Residence of hydroelectric dams;
• Creation of conditions, and weather;
• Fight against climate change;
• Kitchen Antler less;
• Production and Transmission

• Find a way to balance the ecosystem
• In terms of health: limitation of injury accidents;
• In terms of safety: no damage;
• Ecologically: no environmental pollution and degradation;
• On the social level it is good for humanity;
• In agriculture: food security through irrigation (dams);
• On the industrial side: general development;
• On the economic front: a sharp reduction in inflation dizzy;
• In scientific terms: that is progress;
• Technically: no mechanical complications;

• Better Living:

• Better urbanize and beautify cities followed by optimal security;
• Food and drinks fuel at home;
• Availability of land used for other purposes: all onshore facilities will be suspended;
• Irrigated agriculture;
• Fight against Desertification;
• Digital Revolution;
• System self-generating;

• CONCLUSION: No translation available' is a combination of global infrastructure development suitable globalization. Discovery of a young Nigerian innovator, a global solution.



I am the principal inventor of this action,' No translation available Global analysis;
I find actuation become very important, disasters caused by warming,
• generalized degradation of the planet is actually escalating on a recurring basis. My
• Contribution to, protect our planet. Finding partners, achieving the
• Documentary films on climate change, film, anticipation, drama,
• Animation of conferences, lectures, forums, making gadgets, and finally, creating a
• Space tourist ...
• Aims extended:
• Attenuation of the phenomenon of climate change;
• creating a healthy environment and great for sustainable development;
• Total eradication of poverty and unemployment;
• Respect for human rights and fundamental freedom (handicap accessible);
• Reproductive Health, ...
• recovery of surface waters;

• Target population is all humanity (World Future''''No translation available);
• (EAMAC, HOTEL GAWEYE, Nigetech, translation available, ISEP, CNUT ANDDH, national media, regional and international).
• Create a working group, reflection;
• Environmental issues, constituting the concern of all humanity,
• More information ...

•''No translation available is an individual commitment is initially transformed into a collective commitment through a working group and partnership. Headquarters hotel pool Gaweye Niamey

- The project focuses on environmental and sustainable development, social economic, and
• Cultural (NTICG) ...

• Make changes (positive) in the environment;
• Revolutionizing Global Communications, (NTICG) ...

• Sustainable development provided;
• Creating a unique network of Global Communication (INTICG);
• Eradication of global catastrophes world;
• Clean Energy (limited);
• Creating a New Architecture The World Economy, (Universal)
• Globalization and Globalization (Global Unity);
• Eradication of poverty and unemployment;
• Reproductive Health;
• Peace and security best;
• Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms (handicap accessibility);
• Outcome in an earthly paradise (Any risk);
Innovative model of a futuristic living' the first translation available worldwide;
Can be used anywhere in the world (the universe);
Rational use of natural resources, financial and humanitarian ... Recherche de Partenaires :
Nom : Moutari
Prenom : Mahamadou Leyma
Profession : Inventeur & Maquettiste
Call at +22793927574

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